Lit Up (AUS)

Design affects our health and happiness whether it be in our home, work or our natural surroundings. Designer an author of Joyful - The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness, Ingrid Fetell Lee, speaks to host Angela Ledgerwood about how to inject joy into your everyday surroundings.

Lit Up (AUS)
00:52:15 1/9/2019

Past Episodes

Through her book 'Welcome to the Slipstream' Natalka explores how sickness can complicate family dynamics. She discusses with host Angela Ledgerwood the freedom she found in placing her characters in the Nevada dessert, why she co-founded her feminist fundraising reading series The Freya Project and how the advice of her grandmother set her up for who she is today.
00:37:34 4/10/2019
Is it desire, duty or expectation that leads someone to become a mother? This is the question Sheila Heti explores in her book Motherhood. Sheila discusses the ties between the female identity and motherhood with host Angela Ledgerwood, as well as her theory as to why female artists seem to get a pass for being child-less when women in other professions don't.
00:35:20 4/3/2019
Art historian Mary Gabriel has re-written history to include the incredible women who changed modern art in her book '9th street women.' Mary tells host Angela Ledgerwood how the idea for the book arose out of a conversation she had with painter Grace Hartigan 30 years ago. Mary dispels a lot of the misconceptions around the rivalry of female artists during the male-dominated world of twentieth-century abstract painting.
01:03:23 3/27/2019
Rachel's existing relationships with people in the American penal system led to an understanding of, and sympathy for, the people involved in prison life, from workers to inmates. Rachel chats to Angela Ledgerwood about how she came to understand people's 'logic' surrounding murders they'd committed and how stalkers perceive their stalking actions and how this informed the writing of her book 'The Mars Room.'
00:47:36 3/20/2019
Six-time Walkley Award winner Kerry O'Brien has worked in newspapers, television and the wire service as a journalist. Having been at the helm of Australian news programs This Day Tonight, Four Corners, Lateline and the 7.30 Report for 15 years, Kerry shares with host Angela Ledgerwood who his favourite interviewees were and how to spot a good story. Having turned his journalistic eye on his own life, Kerry discusses his memoir 'Kerry O'Brien, A Memoir' and why he fears for the future of investigative journalism.
01:09:28 3/13/2019
What does touching look like in the future or do people even touch? In her book 'Touch', Courtney Maum looks to a world where romantic touching and spontaneous touch don't happen anymore and discusses, with host Angela Ledgerwood, the issues that touch deprivation can cause amongst people and how our body language skills are getting rusty because of social media.
00:59:23 3/6/2019
Are 'Big Tech' companies taking over governmental roles? The birth of technology as a consumer project and the value of the data we freely give away is at the heart of what Lucie Greene's 'Silicone States' is about. Lucie speaks to host Angela Ledgerwood about the conscious expectations we have of tech companies and how our reliance on these companies is effecting government services.
00:52:45 2/27/2019
Research is key for author, performer and screenwriter Georgia Clark when writing characters that represent an experience that she has not had herself. Georgia speaks to host Angela Ledgerwood about her book 'The Bucket List' and the importance of respecting your friends and of having a strong support system around you.
00:54:13 2/20/2019
Civilisation's survival depends on people refusing to see the problems around them. Olivia Laing's agitation about the political events of 2017 led her to keep a diary that became the basis for her novel Crudo. In it she becomes a hybrid of herself and late author Kathy Acker as topics that were relevant in the 80s crop up again in the modern day like Nazism, body-autonomy and hyper-violence. Olivia discusses with host Angela Ledgerwood her difficulty in reconciling the fact that the pain of others can co-exist alongside the minor pleasures you take from life.
00:55:36 2/13/2019
Getting rid of distractions and daily choices like what to eat and what to wear helped R.O. Kwon focus on her debut novel, The Incendiaries. This novel took her 10 years to write and she shares with Angela Ledgerwood how changes in her personal life, her stance on religion and her obsession with cults all found it's way into the final evolution of the novel.
00:52:47 2/6/2019

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