City vs. Country

I'd Rather Not Die on The First Date

Ashley from Bothell is a nurse who says dating apps have taken all the mystery out of the process and she wants to try something more spontaneous. We offer her a choice between Country Boy Charles, who is from Kent, and City Boy Nick, who is also from Kent. Charles suggests tubing on down the river and then some BBQ. When Ashley says she can't swim, Charles doesn't seem too concerned about that and doesn't suggest much in the way of a plan B although he says they can do something else "outdoorsy". City Boy Nick wants to get out of Kent, hop the Sounder to Seattle and go bar hopping. The guys are not terribly detail-oriented and Ashley seems a little lukewarm on both of them, as are the P1s, several of whom offer themselves as alternatives! She does pick one, reluctantly, and they went out. We did not have high hopes to be honest but when we revisited Monday morning, Ashely says the guy she chose ended up being much more interesting in person than he was on the phone. We, however are not super convinced...

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