Federal Newscast

IG: Cyber crime victims waited for up nine months to be notified by the FBI

In today's Federal Newscast, the Justice Department's Inspector General says the FBI's notification system, Cyber Guardian, lacked complete and reliable data, making it harder for the agency to determine whether all cyber-crime victims had been informed.

Federal Newscast
00:06:58 4/1/2019

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In today's Federal Newscast, as part of a new pilot program, the Defense Department awards contracts to five companies to actively recruit technical talent from the private sector.
00:06:36 5/22/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, OPM is recommending federal agencies adjust their teleworking policies to accommodate disruptions to employees commutes with looming Metro station closures this summer.
00:06:22 5/21/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, Transportation Security Administration administrator David Pekoske promises a series of changes to improve TSA's human capital practices.
00:06:11 5/20/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, the Merit Systems Protection Board finds between 1999 and 2016, only about 7 for ever 1000 new supervisors faced consequences for failing their probationary period.
00:06:25 5/19/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, after the Veterans Affairs Department second attempt at firing the director of its DC facility, VA's case against Brian Hawkins is reportedly falling apart, and he will be reinstated.
00:07:02 5/16/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, Council 216 of the American Federation of Government Employees is urging the new Chairwoman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to push for more staff.
00:06:53 5/15/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, a bipartisan group in the House Veterans Affairs Committee wants more information about V-A's plans to curb sexual harassment among female veterans and employees.
00:07:08 5/15/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, a new Gallup poll shows three in four Americans say USPS is doing a good or excellent job.
00:06:21 5/13/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, a new bill from Senator Todd Young (R-IN) would grant the Office of Management and Budget and the General Services Administration the authority to draft plans for moving non-national security agencies to other areas.
00:05:46 5/12/2019
In today's Federal Newscast, amid shrinking budgets and workforce cuts, the IRS has also seen a reduction in tax enforcement.
00:05:25 5/9/2019

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