Cheating: When Love Lies

I Was Blindsided By The Affair, Then My Intuition Kicked In

About two years ago, a guy friend said to me "I know my best friend and he would never cheat on his wife. He just wouldn't do it." Because of this podcast I'm sworn to secrecy, so I couldn't tell him that his best buddy was a flagrant philanderer who had cheated many times with many different women in both emotional and sexual affairs. As wives, husbands, partners, family members, and best friends, we can't imagine that someone we know would ever have an emotional or physical affair. This is why it is not uncommon that I hear from betrayed partners, "I was blindsided when I found out!" This is what happened to my guest Shea. Shea is her real name because with the support of Shea's husband, they decided together that appearing on Cheating: When Love Lies would be a part of Shea's healing. Beth Miller, relationship coach and owner of Soulifywellness is back to share her relationship expertise. Do you think that your partner would never ever cheat on you? Well, so did Shea. @cheatingwhenlovelies @soulifywellness ( infidelityaffairsupportforwomen/?ref=share_group_link)

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