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Career Coach on How To Find Your Flexible Dream Job From Your Couch | Becca Carnahan of Next Chapter Careers

Job hunters, listen up! Career Coach Becca Carnahan brings her 14 years of experience in career and professional development at Harvard Business School to help you find jobs that are truly flexible (from scratch, not just scaling down your existing job from full-time to part-time), she offers specific websites you should visit, how to get a great job after you've taken a career break, and how to figure out your next career move. Plus don't worry about awkward networking events in drab conference rooms, Becca has tips on how to network to find your next job from your couch.

Then listener Nikki Barrese's feedback brought Kim to tears (and she's not a crier!). Plus, you'll hear from Michelle Grosser, attorney-turned-life coach for millennial moms & host of the Motherhood Podcast about a dress up day near-disaster!



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