Amy's Table

From household cleaners to foods, Tonya Harris gives you tips from her website

Amy's Table
00:09:00 5/24/2018

Past Episodes

Amy chats with career expert and Strength Finder Angel Beets from Gillman Partners.
00:11:40 12/11/2018
Amy chats with Chocopologie author and expert Fritz Knipschildt.
00:10:14 12/11/2018
Amy talks with Gluten Free cooking expert Ann Byrn about how to make your favorites gluten free.
00:10:17 12/11/2018
Amy chats with King Arthur Flour's baking expert Susan Reid.
00:10:53 12/11/2018
Amy chats with Lauren Chattam about the fundamentals of a successful holiday cookie swap.
00:09:11 12/6/2018
Amy chats with Stephanie Stiavetti who wrote the book on Mac N Cheese. It's called "Melt, The Art of Mac N Cheese."
00:11:09 12/6/2018
Amy chats with Winemaker Paul Draper.
00:11:16 12/6/2018
Dr Sanjay Jain explains how to get the most return on investment from your own life.
00:11:51 12/6/2018
Renowned photograher Scott Mowbray reveals how to take incredible pictures.
00:08:41 11/29/2018
Lean the Sous Vide cooking technique with expert and author Molly Birnbaum.
00:12:37 11/29/2018

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