Amy's Table

From household cleaners to foods, Tonya Harris gives you tips from her website

Amy's Table
00:09:00 5/24/2018

Past Episodes

Dr Andrew Weil chats about finding spontaneous happiness.
00:11:17 2/14/2019
Cheaper Better Faster...Mary Hunt explains life time rules to live by when it comes to money.
00:13:19 2/14/2019
Caroline Wright shows how to prepare quick and easy meals that can be made for less than $20 and in under 20 minutes.
00:12:29 2/14/2019
Sean Davis explains some secrets for spring windowboxes as well as what Wow Windowboxes will have on display at the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show.
00:09:17 2/14/2019
Registered nurse and blogger Katie Farrell shares her thoughts on clean eating and heart health.
00:13:01 2/6/2019
Take the quiz and discuss the 5 Love Languages with Gary Chapman.
00:09:09 2/6/2019
Take heart, you can be healthy. Dr Ann DeClue talks about heart disease in women.
00:11:04 2/6/2019
Barabara Flanagan discusses her book, "98 Things We All Need."
00:10:16 2/6/2019
Dr Andrew Weil talks about the link between health and happiness.
00:07:59 1/31/2019
Dr John Weske, Atrium's Medical Director of Radiology talks about breast health.
00:09:08 1/31/2019

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