Amy's Table

From household cleaners to foods, Tonya Harris gives you tips from her website

Amy's Table
00:09:00 5/24/2018

Past Episodes

Amy chats with author of "What She Ate" Laura Shapiro
00:12:00 4/11/2019
Kathy Witt wrote the guide book to the weird, wonderful and obscure things about the Queen City.
00:13:44 4/11/2019
Amy chats with Maureen McDermott and Leslie Aberlin of Aberlin Springs, a Pendragon Homes Farm to Table community in Morrow, Ohio just north of Cincinnati. Q102's Jenn Jordan also makes a guest appearance.
00:12:48 4/11/2019
Amy chats with Laura Shapiro author of "What She Ate"
00:09:40 4/11/2019
Amy chats with Jill Weisenberger about how to eat with purpose and how that can help manage losing weight.
00:11:42 4/3/2019
Feng Shui expert Cyd-Alper Sedgwick shares tips on how to use Feng Shui to make your house feel more at home.
00:11:12 4/3/2019
Amy Stewart made us laugh and shared a drink from her book "The Drunken Botanist."
00:11:29 4/3/2019
Nina Simonds explained the basics of Asian cookery and a great recipe for Tofu Noodle Salad with Tahini Dressing.
00:12:14 4/3/2019
Amy chats with Dr Michael Roizen of "What to Eat When."
00:15:05 3/28/2019
Amy chats with Dan DeFigio about sugar!
00:10:27 3/28/2019

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