Purple Daily

6/12/19 Hour 2

  • Hot Routez featuring Phil Mackey
  • Judd and Coller's Day 2 Mini Camp thoughts
  • One QB who should be in the HoF

Purple Daily
00:47:00 6/11/2019

Past Episodes

6/24/19 Hour 1

  • If you were to redo the Vikings offseason would you still sign Anthony Barr?
  • What GM jobs look appealing
  • What players are still core players on the Vikings roster in two years?
00:58:00 6/23/2019
Declan Goff fills in for Jonathan Harrison in Hot Routes. First time Vikings Pro Bowler; Is the NFC North the best division in football? What actor would make a great football coach?
00:00:00 6/20/2019
*Judd and Manny discuss the differences between how the NFL and NBA handles their drafts. With the NBA being as forward-thinking as it is, why are they behind when it comes to the draft process with trades? *Le'Veon Bell got robbed, but Judd wants to know why his reaction to it was so strange *Hot Routez Pre-Gamer: "Are you Buying This?"
00:00:00 6/20/2019

6/20/19 Hour 2

  • Hot Routez
  • Up to Cousins
  • Chad's Five Things he's excited about when football season returns
00:49:00 6/19/2019

6/20/19 Hour 1

  • Vikings Training Camp taking away autographs from adults
  • NFL clears up the Pass Interference Reviews
  • The Vikings roster build
00:52:00 6/19/2019

6/19/19 Hour 2

  • Hot Routez
  • What does the XFL have to do to stick around?
  • How the AAF got on TV
00:44:00 6/18/2019

6/19/19 Hour 1

  • Ramie joins today's show and shares his five thoughts on what he's excited about when football season returns
  • Counting down Ramie's list
  • Ramie discusses Judd's list from yesterday
00:55:00 6/18/2019

6/18/19 Hour 2

  • Hot Routez
  • Vikings ceteran most likely to get cut
  • NFL Division Power Rankings
00:44:00 6/17/2019

6/18/19 Hour 1

  • Danny Cunningham's five things
  • Manny Hill's five things
  • Judd's five things
00:52:00 6/17/2019

6/17/19 Hour 2

  • Hot Routez
  • Kubiak's role in the Vikings offense
  • Ben Roethlisbergers self-awareness
00:46:00 6/16/2019

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