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*Judd joins Coller, Cronin and Manny for Hot Routez *Bill Barnwell of ESPN ranked the league's best surrounding talent. The Vikings are ranked 5th *What does Kirk Cousins need to do to get to the next level?

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00:00:00 7/10/2019

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Two days after the Vkings lost to the Packers and we're still discussing the fallout from that game and where it leaves the Vikings after Week Two. We open the show with Matthew Coller and Courtney Cronin talking about the odd Jalen Ramsey press conference and if things got bad enough for the Vikings which player would be most likely to want to leave (1:00). Coller and Courtney then talk about where we're at with Kirk Cousins after one full season and a now two games (20:00). We close hour one with Coller and Cronin giving their Week Two Turbo Snark (36:00). Former Vikings offensive lineman Alex Boone joins in hour two to fix the offensive line (50:00) before talking about the big uptick in penalties the refs have been calling this year (68:00). We close today handing out Neck Rolls and talking about Eli Manning's career (88:00).

01:38:00 9/16/2019
(00:00): Coller and Sage Rosenfels on what went wrong for Kirk Cousins at Lambeau (32:09): "What an epic refereeing mess..." (44:24): Teddy Bridgewater will get a look as Drew Brees will be out for a while (50:00): Law & Order Purple Daily Edition: Judd is ready to hand down his convictions. (1:13:00): Hot Routez (1:24:00): Can Kirk Cousins put together a good performance in prime time games?
00:00:00 9/15/2019
Kirk Cousins was a disaster in this Week 2 loss by the Minnesota Vikings to the Green Bay Packers, and Phil Mackey, Manny Hill and the callers are not happy about it.
00:00:00 9/14/2019
Kirk Cousins comes up short in Green Bay and Matthew Coller and Judd Zulgad react from Lambeau
00:00:00 9/14/2019

It's our final Purple Daily of Packers week and we open it up with Matthew Coller and Chad Graff talking about which QB they would rather have (1:00), Coller lays out a surprising case for Cousins. With the Friday Injury Report out the guys discuss whether the Vikings would be better without Elflein this week. We close the hour with Chad having fun with the Friday the 13th date and joke about the spooky ways the Vikings could lose this weekend (44:00). For hour two Judd Zulgad comes in to help Coller prosecute the NFL in our Vikings Law and Order segment (52:00). The boys discuss Gregg Williams saying he's never instructed his teams to injure players (73:00). We're joined by ESPN Milwaukee's Jason Wilde (88:00) for some Packers intel to help close the week.

01:39:00 9/12/2019

Former Vikings Guard Alex Boone is back for a fun filled Thursday with Matthew Coller previewing the Vikings/Packers game. The boys open the show discussing how serious the Vikings/Packers rivalry really is (1:00). Coller got a surprise guest on the line for Boone in his former teammate Anthony Dixon (19:00). We close the first hour with a fun segment discussing reporters in locker rooms, players dress attire, and coaches blowing off media questions (36:00). Hour two begins discussing what the Vikings offensive line will look like and Irv Smith's debut (53:00). In our preview of the upcoming Packers game we look back to the season opener for the Packers and try and figure out if it was the Packers D being good or just Trubisky being a bad QB (68:00). We close the show today having Alex Boone clarify some of the super football-y terms he used today (84:00).

01:34:00 9/11/2019
This episode is from the Minnesota Sports Rewind feed. Subscribe if you enjoy it! Sage Rosenfels, Judd Zulgad and Phil Mackey dive into the magic carpet ride that was Brett Favre's arrival in Minnesota and the exciting regular season that followed! Sage tells stories about what it was like inside Winter Park when the Favre news broke, Favre's level of nervousness for his return to Green Bay, what it was like watching film with Favre, and much more. Plus, Favre's quarterback coach Kevin Rogers joins to tell stories as well. If you enjoy this podcast, please give us a 5-star review on Apple or Spotify and tell your friends!
00:00:00 9/11/2019

Our own Journeyman QB Sage Rosenfels joins to help preview the Packers game (1:00), answer whether it was the Packer D being good or Trubisky just being bad (22:00), and of course it's time for our Journeman QB of the Week (43:00). We kick off the second hour joined by the guy who wrote the book on the 2018 Titans Offense, Bobby Peters (51:00). Sam Monson comes on after that for an analytical breakdown of what we learned from Week One (69:00). Judd helps wrap up the Wednesday on Purple Daily previewing this weekend's Vikings/Packers game (88:00).

01:34:00 9/10/2019

We're joined today by ESPN's Courtney Cronin to help breakdown the big 28-12 season opening win and whether that type of offense is sustainable (1:00). ESPN's Rob Demovsky joins to preview the Packers/Vikings this weekend (22:00). Coller and Cronin finish the first hour with an interesting stat Coller found about Kirk Cousins (39:00). Alex Boone is in for the second hour to break down Oline play (51:00) and hand out the first Neck Rolls of the season (86:00)!

01:38:00 9/9/2019

9/9/2019 Hour 1

  • Sage Rosenfels joins Matthew Coller for hour one to break down yesterday's season opening victory.
  • Dalvin Cook is definitely worth it with how good he can be when he's healthy.
  • Can the Vikings be great while playing this style of offense? 
00:50:00 9/8/2019

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