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7/12/19 Hour 1

  • Matthew Coller and Myron Medcalf discuss the 18/16 schedule that was proposed by the owners
  • Myron says he wouldn't pay any running back in the modern NFL
  • Coller proposes two running back he would pay

Purple Daily
00:54:00 7/11/2019

Past Episodes

8/23/2019 Hour 1

  • After an 80 yard field has preseason jumped the shark?
  • Hot Routez from the Fair!
  • What are we looking for in the third preseason game?
00:45:00 8/22/2019
Coller, Judd and Courtney Cronin are live from the Minnesota State Fair where they break down expectations for the Vikings this season and Kirk Cousins' mental makeup.
00:00:00 8/21/2019
Hot Routez, the state of the rest of the NFC North and storylines fans always crutch to.
00:00:00 8/21/2019

8/21/19 Hour 1

  • Sage Rosenfels on why Vikings/Cardinals is important?
  • Robert Mays joins to talk about the Vikings doubling down on Kirk Cousins
  • Sage Rosenfels back to talk about Baker Mayfield's comments on Daniel Jones
00:54:00 8/20/2019

8/21/2019 Hour 2

  • Sam Monson on whether should be concerned about Pat Elflein's preseason
  • Judd Zulgad updates on the kicking situation
  • Judd Zulgad asks Coller about which bubble players are likely to make the team
00:50:00 8/20/2019

8/20/19 Hour 1

  • Zim got honest about the position battles. Coller and Courtney broke down what Zim said and where those battles are at.
  • Coller and Cronin discuss Zim's comments about Sloter needing to get better at just about everything to be a backup QB
  • To close the hour Coller talks about a potential reciever that could be available come cut downs
00:48:00 8/19/2019

8/20/19 Hour 2

  • Matthew Coller and Courtney Cronin discuss their confidence rankings regarding some of the players on the Vikings right now
  • PFF's Eric Eager joins to talk about what the numbers say about the Vikings through two preseason games
  • The seven trends we'll continue to see this season
00:45:00 8/19/2019

Sage Rosenfels had detailed notes on how the Vikings first team offense looked, the backup QB battle, and breaking down every play on the opening drive.

00:51:00 8/18/2019
Matthew Coller and Judd Zulgad break down the first team offense, how the Vikings are clearly helping Kirk Cousins, "showcasing" Laquon Treadwell and the kicking competition.
00:00:00 8/18/2019

8/16/19 Hour 1

  • What does Sage want to see in Sunday Night's preseason game against the Seahawks?
  • How play action will help the Vikings hit on more big plays to Thielen and Diggs
  • How the expectations this year will/should effect what the Vikings do with Zimmer at the end of the year
00:51:00 8/15/2019

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