Q102 presents The Hot List

-Reds WIN! -Mick Cronin is leaving UC -Ariana Grande is trademarking a common phrase -Goettafest is changing -Cigar, beer, food news! -Toria is going to make us laugh. -What kind of friends to want your kids to have?

Q102 presents The Hot List
00:06:23 4/9/2019

Past Episodes

-Grumpy Cat is in heaven -NKY Traffic is going to be bad this summer -More Zoo BABIES! -Q To Do -What was in the safe?! -Doing THIS could help you live longer.
00:06:35 5/16/2019
-Britney may never perform again -What's in the safe?! -What is Ruby Chocolate? -New zoo babies! -BASEBALL! -Socks and sandals?
00:05:16 5/15/2019
-Kevin Federline is speaking out about Britney -Good news for Cincy Pot Smokers -Do we have a Cincinnati accent? -Why was one of the richest men on the planet in the Tri-State? -Need to relax and reboot your mind and body? -Spicy toothpaste?
00:04:43 5/14/2019
-Top Baby Names -Kim and Kanye might have a baby name picked out -Empire canceled? -First American Woman on the moon -Queen Rosie bobblehead in the Iron Throne -FC Cincinnati setting records -
00:06:46 5/13/2019
-Happy 513 Day! -Join us at Madtree for HH tonight and help Cincinnati Children's -This Is Us is sticking around -Graeter's announces a new flavor -Braxton on the move! -Is Bigfoot nearby? -Florida Man is coming to TV
00:04:32 5/12/2019
-Miley has new music! -Do you LOVE Vodka? -Mother's Day freebies! -Another concert venue coming to the TriState -Zayn has new music for Aladdin -FC Cincinnati host Montreal -Q To Do
00:05:03 5/9/2019
-New music from Justin and Ed -Royal baby name! -How to have a boy -Names of everyday items that you might not know -Skydive...inside!
00:00:00 5/8/2019
-Kim K joining Dateline? -The rhinos are doing it -"Best" Taste of Cincinnati winner -How to like something more -DO NOT trim your nose hair -FC Cincinnati making changes -Biggest college majors
00:06:43 5/7/2019
-Blink182 is coming to Cincy! -TWO ROYAL BABIES -Instagram is changing -Findlay Market Dog Spa -How many bees were at the Reds game? -Is that an alligator in your pants?
00:06:07 5/6/2019
-Baby Watch! -GOT Spin offs -Ever seen a jackass at a wedding? -Advice from a couple married 82 years -A Brief History of Pickles - Best Zoo in America
00:05:53 5/5/2019

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