Cheating: When Love Lies

He Says He's Committed, But Acts Like He's Single

Deception, lies, and gaslighting. Are they the most hurtful part of an affair, or is it the sex and knowing that your partner may be madly in love with someone else? It's different for every betrayed partner, but for my guest today whom we'll call Lisa - she was tortured her husband's lying. Lisa found out about her husband's affair, and after she nabbed him, he promised to work on their marriage. What he said sounded great, but Lisa kept observing suspicious behavior and red flags that made her question if what her husband was saying was in fact was he was doing. Join me and relationship coach and founder of Soulify Wellness, Beth Miller to talk about what happens when a cheating partner says they're committed to fixing the marriage, but acts with the same suspicious, inconsistent, red flag behavior they've always had. Lisa is here to share her story. Be a guest on the show: IG @cheatingwhenloveslies for highlights from all the shows. Please subscribe, like and share with anyone whose life has been upended by infidelity. Reach Beth: @soulifywellness

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