Make Up or Break Up

Haven't Met the Parents? What the Fockers!

Noah from Covington is wondering why his girlfriend Stephanie has never introduced him to her parents after two years of dating. He says they don't live very far away - Bellingham - and could easily be there within 2 hours. He says she goes see them on holidays and such but always for a short trip and says he "doesn't need to go, it's not a big deal." But after two years, he says it is starting to bother him. He is wondering if there is something about them that she is trying to hide from him, or maybe something about him that she doesn't want them to know. When Stephanie comes on she is pretty casual about it, and thinks Noah is making something out of nothing. She finds it more unusual when people rush into meeting family, but Noah points out that 2 years together isn't "rushing" and presses her about why the delays. And as the conversation continues, she gets a little...evasive...

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