Kliq This: The Kevin Nash Podcast

Childhood Heroes

This week on Kliq This, Sean & Kev talk about their childhood heroes but also their fav sex symbols, Joey Diaz's "Stars of Death," David O Russel vs Lily Tomlin, and MUCH MUCH MORE. BLUECHEW-Try BlueChew FREE when you use our promo code NASH at checkout--just pay $5 shipping. That's BlueChew.com, promo code NASH to receive your first month FREE FITBOD-Join Fitbod today and build a routine that grows with you without slimming down your wallet. Get 25% off your subscription or try the app FREE at our link in the description below or go to Fitbod.me/ KLIQ BETTERHELP- This podcast is sponsored by Better Help. When you want to be a better problem solver, therapy can get you there. Visit BetterHelp.com/KLIQ today to get 10% off your first month. That's BETTERHELP. com/KLIQ SAVE WITH CONRAD - If you have credit card debt or are in a 30-year loan? Well, we can help you get out of that pinch and save money at the same time! Head over to SaveWithConrad.com for a quick quote.

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