Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Your Journey to Self-Love with Alicia Mccarvell

Hey, you, reading this... are you ready to feel inspired? The incredible Alicia Mccarvell is joining KB on the mic today to talk all about her journey to self-love and how she came to accept that her body truly is the least interesting thing about her (and you, too). Alicia explains to Kaitlyn how she went viral and started using her platform as a place to motivate and encourage others to love themselves, even on the bad days. Despite the haters and trolls (don't worry, we'll learn the three E system to saying bye to them), Alicia has remained committed to honoring and staying true to herself through her community. She and Kaitlyn review Alicia's 5 things that impact your journey to self-love... and you're going to want a pen and paper for this one. She also explains why she decided to speak out on her sexuality, describes how she doesn't necessarily fit into the body positive movement, and shares a very relatable (yet cringe) confession.

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