Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Unpacking our Paradise Sacks with Grocery Store Joe

Man of many words, Dancing with the Stars legend, and former grocery store owner, Joe Amabile, joins Kaitlyn to talk all about what's been going down on the beaches of Paradise this season. But before they get down to business about what we saw on our screens this week, Kaitlyn and Joe talk about whether Joe considers himself an introvert or extrovert, how he felt about his decision to get back on national television, and how he pronounces the word "grocery" (very intense debate here). Then the two dive into some very important questions including: Why would you go on BIP when you know you have someone back home? What was really going on with Joe when he looked heartbroken on the beach (hint: not heartbreak)? And, how does Joe feel about Canada? Kaitlyn shares a hot take about Thomas, Joe delivers a pretty depressing confession, and the two play some games that highlight Joe's accent and grocery knowledge. You can find Joe on Instagram @joeamabile1 and find his sauce by visiting!  

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