Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Tulum S.H.I.T. Show & Botox 101 with Kat Campbell

A very highly-requested guest is popping her podcast cherry on today's episode... it's KB's BFF, Kat! They were tequila-ed out for a bit, but they're back with a cocktail in hand to recap Wirth's 30th "S.H.I.T. Show" birthday trip to Tulum with the four amigos. Who was friends first: Jason and Wirth or Kaitlyn and Kat? They take it way back to the beginning of their very special friendship that ultimately led to Kaitlyn becoming the godmother of Kat's son. Don't worry, Kat, Auntie Kaitlyn will teach him alllll the things about church. Kat isn't only a mama and a BFF to KB; she's also an incredible injection & skincare specialist at Indie Rx so of course, we had to take it to a Vino Q&A about Botox and filler. Kaitlyn reveals a jaw-dropping confession that she almost edited out (but hey, no secrets with the Vinos). And to wrap it up, the two of them play a lil game of who is more likely... KC or KB?

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