Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Predictions for Paradise and 20ish First Date Questions with Justin Glaze

Justin Glaze, runner up from Katie's season, joins Kaitlyn for what he thinks is probably yet another interview asking about his time on the show and his regrets and unanswered questions and facial expressions but NOPE. Kaitlyn surprises Justin with a fun game of "20-ish First Date Questions" so that she and all of her listeners can finally get to know Justin the way they wish they could have while he was on the show. They make some major discoveries, including figuring out who/what/when/where/how his very expressive facial reactions began!!! It's the first time Justin has made this realization plus he shares how his no-show parents feel now after watching the show back. Kaitlyn and Justin also recap the premiere episode of Paradise, make their predictions for the season to come and have a few important arguments about iced coffee and gasoline along the way. You can find Justin on IG at @justinglaze GEICO - Go to and in 15 minutes you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance. RITUAL - Just visit to add Essential Protein today. OXICLEAN - Visit where a coupon is waiting for you.

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