Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Prank Calls with Jason & Tommy

On today's episode, Jason is back on the mic with Kaitlyn to continue their conversation from a few weeks back... you know, the one where Kaitlyn "wasn't" high. This time, Kaitlyn is drunk on water (which she hates) in preparation for their upcoming ski trip. You know you are in for a treat whenever Jason is on the pod! This episode is full of surprises from Tommy freaking Jason out to Britney Spears potentially releasing new music to putting a $10,000 deposit down on a horse named Symphony (you'll just have to listen to understand). We all know these two are little pranksters, so it only makes sense for them to do some prank calls together. Needless to say, they crushed it but may have left a vino's boyfriend thinking he lost out on a Lego brand deal (sorry, Ben). Too much fun was had, and now you get to enjoy it in your ear holes. - The most popular place to find a place.

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