Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Paradise, Pregnancy, and Pumpkin Martinis with Ashley & Jared

Ashley, Jared, and baby Tommy Pickles (we'll explain) are on the mic today to talk pregnancy updates, their soon-to-launch business together, and get into this week's double dose of Bachelor in Paradise! Consider this episode the start of a very long baby shower, as Aunt Kaitlyn gets ready to welcome Ashley and Jared's baby boy. Even though pregnancy hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for the couple, Ashley reveals why she loves Jared more than ever and why she thinks Jason is definitely going to ace the dad game. We all know that the beaches of Paradise are VERY meaningful to our guests, so they, along with KB, have plenty to say about what happened on our screens this week between exes, new romances, and clout chasers. One thing is for sure: no one on Paradise or any season of the franchise can begin to compare to Kaitlyn's group of men. Ashley, Jared, and Kaitlyn then enter confession territory where we find out what goes into conceiving a baby and how they themselves were conceived wayyy back in the day, because we're all old enough to know *NSYNC's first album over here. 

Be sure to follow Ashley and Jared on IG at @ashley_iaconetti and @jaredhaibon!

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