Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Mediocre Advice, Foot Pics, & Operation Find Paul Rudd

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls... give mediocre advice? Today on the pod, Kaitlyn is joined by her team to go through the OTV Hotline and listen to the questions, confessions, and even prank call suggestions from the Vinos. Vinos, you did NOT let us down. Kaitlyn gives advice on everything from wedding planning to friendships to being yourself in these weird times, because you can be anyone in this world so why not be yourself... or Beyoncé? A couple Vinos came through with incredible confessions, and we even got a special surprise caller for KB. Then, it's prank call time as "Karen" gives Hannah a quick call to discuss a new job opportunity. The three wrap up by talking about Operation #DollyPaulie. Be sure to call in with your questions for KB, your confessions, and even prank call ideas because we're having TOO much fun on the OTV Hotline. 

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