Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Lo-est Moments and #WWDD

Kaitlyn and Lo have a lot to catch up on in today's Grape Therapy, from KB's questionable fashion decision, what has been going down in the DMs, and listener-submitted lo-est moments that range from somewhat concerning to honestly shameful. Kaitlyn explains the Mama Donna drama that has been going on, and truthfully we're not sure if we're scared or impressed by the judgemental math-enthusiast. To be continued with Donna! The Vinos and the Lo Lifers came through with some seriously low moments. Lo and Kaitlyn rank the confessions on a very special, celebrity-inspired scale but then have to introduce a shame meter... and you'll see why. APARTMENTS.COM - Go to, the most popular place to find a place. GEICO - Go to GEICO dot com, get a quote, and see how much YOU could save. VIZZY - To find out where you can purchase Vizzy go to P&G- So if you're looking to nourish your hair, REALLY nourish it, it's got to be Hair Food. Look for it at Amazon, Walmart, and Target. STRAIGHT TALK - Get the 45-dollar unlimited talk, text, and data plan with NO contract on America's best networks for up to fifty percent less!

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