Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Living, Laughing, & Loving with Tinx

Tinx, TikTok's older sister and a fellow lover of the finer things in life (including Botox, therapy, and a good beverage), is joining Kaitlyn to talk vulnerability, self-growth, and red flags. These two open books are getting real and raw about everything that goes into self-care, the silver linings after a breakup, and why it's important to share the good, the bad, and everything in between on social media. Then, Tinx and KB are giving some take-it advice in this episode's Hotline segment, where they're answering Vino questions about timelines, anxiety, and dating assholes. Plus, Kaitlyn's alter ego makes a very important phone call to NFL quarterback, Aaron Rodgers' future water boy. You wont want to miss it.

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