Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Leave It Advice with Duck Master & DWTS's Alan Bersten

Today's little special guest, Alan, hops on the mic with Kaitlyn to talk all about his experience as the Duck Master at the Peabody Hotel... a true honor. She tests his Duck Mastery with riveting duck questions and they even answer the compelling question, "Does a duck's boner drag in the weeds?" In this episode, we find out that Alan is more than just a Duck Master - he is also really shitty at giving advice. The two dive into the OTV Hotline to give some "Take It or Leave It" advice and we would say, for this round, leave it. Kaitlyn and Alan also reminisce about the DWTS tour, drop who their dance partners would be if they got to choose, and Kaitlyn finds out if Alan had a spark with any of his former DWTS partners. KB & her little mosquito have come a long way.

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