Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Keeping Up With the Traveling Freys

We all remember these lovebirds from The Blairette, where Kaitlyn set Blaire up with a few potential suitors including the literal love of her life, Luke. It's a tale as old as time: the two met through KB's Instagram/podcast series, fell in love, got married, and are now traveling the freakin' world together. Literal dream come true, right? Well, yes and no. Blaire and Luke caught up with KB in early June (long overdue) to talk about life as a married couple and what it's been like to travel together for several months - the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly. They are sharing all the deets, including how they're affording this trip of a lifetime, how their priorities have shifted through it all, what challenges they have faced during the trip, and what we don't see on social media. They're also revealing a very sexy confession from their time abroad and playing a game of travel favorites so you can get all the best recs for your next adventure.

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