Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Dewin' a Paradise Deep Dive with Lo VonRumpf (and Tammy!)

A smoke bro and a smoke show join together on the mic to dive deep into the dumpster fire that is Bachelor in Paradise. But first, we obviously need a professional stylists' opinion on the new Dew apparel edit, so Lo breaks down his thoughts on the coziest line of Dew goodies yet. We're all about self-love and dewin' you at Dew, and Lo is most definitely feeling his new mom status in his Dew sweatsuit. Stay tuned for an Instagram fashion show! When it comes to Paradise, Lo is brand spanking new to this part of the franchise, and he shares all of his thoughts on the cast of characters this season including Boom Boom Room Blondie, Southern Belle, and Chasen Chad. Plus, we finally learn why Tia refers to her hoo-haw as a china pot through a very revealing voice note, and Tammy joins Kaitlyn to explain what we didn't get to see on screen.

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