Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Couple Appreciation Month (& Premeditated Nudes)

Do you know what month it is? OK, yes it's April, but it's also Couple Appreciation Month... who knew? Kaitlyn and Jason are sitting down for a Grape Therapy sesh before he has to leave the Bachelorette bubble. They're sharing how they grow as a couple and as individuals and what they most appreciate about the other. They're also sharing what they don't appreciate quite as much, as they get into the details of a recent tiff involving an Instagram post and a dirty dish. Also, ICYMI, they're going into the behind the scenes of Kaitlyn's epic April Fools prank which left Jason speechless and disheveled. The vinos are sharing their incredible pranks of years past (llamas are involved) and, for those vinos who are a part of a couple, what they do to show appreciation for their significant other. 

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