Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Clayton Speaks Out

Kaitlyn is going straight to the source as The Bachelor himself, Clayton Echard, joins her on the mic to talk about what we all saw on our screens this week. It definitely hasn't been an easy journey for him, and in this episode he is opening up about what he was thinking and feeling in the moment versus what he now thinks watching it back. Kaitlyn is asking the questions we all want answers to: What would he have done differently? Did he pick the fantasy suite order? Is he happy? If anyone can relate to the light at the end of The Bachelor tunnel, it's Kaitlyn. Then, the ShrinkChicks (licensed therapists, Bachelor fans, and podcasters) join Kaitlyn to break down her conversation with Clayton and interpret what we've seen so far this season. 

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