Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Catchin' Up with KB + Rachel and Genevieve Interview

Today's episode marks the beginning of some very exciting pod updates! Kaitlyn is starting the pod by catching up with the "mornin' baylins" (AKA her podcast producers) following their recent podcast retreat that ended up with glass in the ass and a resignation letter. Plus, the three are recapping what went down during their LA recording portion of the trip, which involved hearing Seth Rogan's laugh IRL and hanging out with one very cute and in-love reality star. Then, Kaitlyn and Lo are on the mic with Bachelor roomies Rachel and Genevieve who are sharing what it's been like since moving to LA and what actually goes down in their new shared home. Their answers may surprise you when KB asks if they see themselves going to the beaches of paradise and what their dating lives look like now. 

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