Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Bank Robber Chic & Tasty Tacos with Robyn Schall

The lady of the week, or maybe only the day, Robyn Schall joins Kaitlyn to discuss her designer head-to-toe monochrome outfit inspired by BFF Kim K's Met Gala bank robber chic gown. The outfit has taken the world and NYC corner stores, elevators and subways by storm and Robyn is riding the high of life in between binge watching all of her favorite reality TV shows including Bachelor in Paradise. Robyn shares her hilarious take on the storms a brewin' on the beaches, whose love seems real, that she went to elementary school with Dr. Joe and how she never needs to see anyone eat food off of anyone else's body ever again. And Kaitlyn has a very important question for her, to which she answers HELL YES! The episode is wrapped up by a guest segment with Walaa, a Color Therapist, who gives Kaitlyn some fun spiritual insight on the meaning behind colors and what she believes Kaitlyn's wedding colors should be...! Go to and use the code "OFFTHEVINE" for 10% OFF a Color reading.

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