Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Bachelor Recap with Abigail Heringer

Kaitlyn sits down with fan favorite and first impression rose winner (BDE, anyone?) Abigail Heringer! Abigail shares how she ended up on the franchise, explores the "what ifs" of her time on Matt's season, and answers questions from the vinos. The two also discuss Abigail's experience as the first hearing-impaired contestant on the Bachelor franchise and how important representation and learning is -- off and on our TV screens. Plus, Abigail reveals her pick for the next Bachelorette, admits what former Bachelor is her type, and plays a game of Abigail Tells All to give away awards to the fellow women of Matt James' season.

Follow Abiligal on IG at @abigail_heringer

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