Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Bachelor Newsflash & The Meaning of Life with Robyn Schall

Comedian and part-time newscaster Robyn Schall is back with Kaitlyn to talk about some of life's most important topics including prank ideas, foot fetishes, breaking news from Bachelor Nation, and the entire meaning of our existence. Robyn catches Kaitlyn up on what life has looked like since they last spoke, which has mostly involved wearing more Kardashian-inspired looks around the city and dating multiple suitors because... why not? Then, Robyn and Kaitlyn discuss riveting news from the Bachelor world, give their lukewarm takes on this most recent season, and reveal both their sexual and non-sexual crushes of the moment. You won't want to miss this hot duo live in action! 

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