Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Grape Therapy: Ask Nick (& Kaitlyn and Lo) Relationship Hotline

You just heard KB on Nick's pod and now he's back for round two, this time to answer all your burning relationship questions in a very special edition of Ask Nick... and Kaitlyn... and Lo (who is joining as co-host). But first, the three talk about their desire (or lack thereof) to go on Bachelor in Paradise, their relationships (or lack thereof) with their exes, and why, despite the TikTok narrative, everyone out there is not a gaslighting narcissist. Then, they get into Vino voicemails all about relationships with topics ranging from spicing things up in the bedroom and dealing with the dating apps to telling your partner they stink (literally) and moving on from an ex. Last but definitely not least, Kaitlyn and Nick both make prank calls, one of which involves a loyalty test and the other to Nick's biggest fan. Plus, the three give tips that you're going to want to make note of if you're looking to find your next relationship or looking to get out of the dreaded first date scene. 

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