Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Girls Gotta Eat: Deep Dark Secrets & Being Happily Single with Rayna & Ashley

Pour a glass of wine & grab a snack because... Girls Gotta Eat! Rayna and Ashley reunite with Kaitlyn for a LONG overdue catchup about all things sex, dating, and relationships. Nothing is off limits with these comedians and podcasters, and on this episode they're sharing what goes down behind the scenes on their tour, a deep dark secret that's affected their friendship to this day, and why one former guest made them buy into the saying, "never meet your heroes." The three are also diving into the most important relationship of all - your relationship with yourself - and why meeting a partner should always be the cherry on top of an already incredible life. From ballsack tattoos to Bachelor Nation hookups to funeral confessions, this episode will have you LOLing from start to finish. Oh, and make sure to listen to Kaitlyn on Rayna and Ashley's pod, Girls Gotta Eat!

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