Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Giannina Gibelli: Beauty and the Beast

Did you ever think you'd meet someone through a wall, fall in love through a wall and get engaged through a wall? Giannina a.k.a. Gigi definitely did not but that is exactly what happened for her in her pursuit of love on "Love is Blind"! Unfortunately, she was left at the altar by her fiancÚ, Damian... but there was some relief in that. Gigi joins Kaitlyn to share all the behind the scenes juicies of this "experiment" she signed up for, how much time the cast actually spent sequestered in those isolated rooms without windows not knowing what time it was or how long they had spent talking with their "soul mate" AND if her relationship with Damian was truly as dramatic as it seemed on TV. Gigi shares her passions as a "Soulpreneur", how she is listening to signs from the Universe and that she truly believes in "faking it until you make it". She also clarifies the extremely awkward situation of Damian bringing Francesca (from "Too Hot To Handle") to the After the Altar reunion... 

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