Killer Klips

In the debut episode, George Saunders, author of the bestselling novel LINCOLN IN THE BARDO, reveals what it was like getting inside President Lincoln's soul and we talk to YA writer Lamar Giles about his latest novel, OVERTURNED, and why he fights to ensure diverse characters, written by diverse writers, appear on bookstore shelves. Wondering which new, bestselling books our expert book critics think are worth your time (and which ones you should avoid!)? Kirkus Reviews senior editors join us to tell you the what's what.

02:21 4/6/2017

Past Episodes

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The LadyGang answers a listeners question about her relationship.
02:34 8/15/2017
Steve Austin sits with Post Malone and finds out what his rap name would be.
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Shaq coaching full time??
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01:27 8/2/2017
Lilian talks with Dave Bautista about how a fan tells him "F U" when he tried to come back to the WWE.
01:27 7/31/2017
Brittany Jane Furlan joins the ladies in studio and explains how having the initials "BJ" wasn't the best thing for a little girl growing up!
01:27 7/27/2017
Kaitlyn talks with country singer Walker Hayes who reveals he has "dude crushes" on Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp and who?
01:27 7/27/2017


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