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In the debut episode, George Saunders, author of the bestselling novel LINCOLN IN THE BARDO, reveals what it was like getting inside President Lincoln's soul and we talk to YA writer Lamar Giles about his latest novel, OVERTURNED, and why he fights to ensure diverse characters, written by diverse writers, appear on bookstore shelves. Wondering which new, bestselling books our expert book critics think are worth your time (and which ones you should avoid!)? Kirkus Reviews senior editors join us to tell you the what's what.

00:02:21 4/6/2017

Past Episodes

Suze tells you why you can't get caught in a cycle of guilt - helping financially can do more hurt than good.
00:00:33 4/19/2018
American Bill Browder, C.E.O of Hermitage Capital Management, explains the results of being on the Russian's hit list. Find out what they've done so far.
00:01:12 4/17/2018
The karma that came from thinking badly about another performer, with the motive to steal a lead role in a school rendition of "Grease," taught Rebel a valuable lesson - and left her with a real-life "Showgirls" scenario.
00:01:25 4/16/2018
Magic Johnson thought he was just getting to know Larry Bird during a commercial shoot, but an ATV ride and home-cooked lunch later, he found out he beat Larry as his own mom's favorite player.
00:02:14 4/10/2018
Senator Chris Murphy shares his thoughts on why the kids in Florida have made a difference already. Get in touch with your younger self.
00:01:00 4/6/2018
Survivor's Corinne Kaplan reveals how she passed up a date with Josh Beckett, only to find him on a bar TV during the World Series.
00:02:00 4/4/2018
In some Chael philosophy, he asks you not to make believe this fighter got away with something. He lost time and money, and time is the most valuable thing you can never give back.
00:01:35 4/4/2018
Hear how Jack found out about Jim's fight with another player as a rookie in '85.
00:01:10 4/3/2018
That's right, this is the Lou Diamond Phillips look-alike town!
00:01:40 3/22/2018
Hear what it was like for Joss Mooney to do 2 reality shows with his exes, and lots of alcohol.
00:01:40 3/21/2018


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