Game On Australia (AUS)

We reveal our brand new gamer song to the tune of SHOTGUN by Geogre Ezra, about what it's like to be a 45 year old gamer taking on 9 year old's in Fortnite!Top 3 things gamers need to hear this week: 1. A Fortnite gamer just won 4.3 million dollars and mainstream is losing their minds! **WE INTERRUPT THIS TOP THREE FOR A SURPRISE INTERVIEW**We were joined by Dr Jeff Brand who is touring Australia showing his report into how awesome gaming is in Australia, and he gave us some really surprising and interesting info! **BACK TO THE TOP THREE**2. DOTA 2's The International prize pool is breaking its own record!3. BIG W is selling big titles for as cheap as one dollar! FACEBOOK BIG QUESTION:Show us your Gamer T-Shirt! We reveal the next big question about your gaming shame! Find us on socials - facebook, twitter, insta, twitch, and discord.Game On legends!

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