Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli

On this episode, podcaster extraordinaire Em Schulz from And That's Why We Drink joins Lisa for a conversation. They talk about gender identity versus sexual preference, proper pronouns, and what you're really craving when you emotionally eat. Maybe we should just call this episode, "And That's Why We EAT"!! Give it a listen - you'll laugh AND learn.

Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli
01:09:00 6/12/2019

Past Episodes

Welcome to Let Lisa Help! Lisa's first guest is actor, podcaster, and internet phenom Josh Peck. The two talk about issues around weight and confidence, and Josh opens up about all the ways he tried to fill that big gaping hole we all have inside us. After that, Lisa enlists Josh to help answer a weight-related question from a fan, and finally in the reoccurring segment, "Coach The Coach," one of Lisa's actual clients calls in to let her know just how she's doing in her new career as a life coach. And remember -- if you want to let Lisa help YOU, head over to LisaLampanelli.com for more info on her storytelling dates, workshops, and life-coaching services.

00:58:00 6/5/2019
Coming soon!
01:30:00 5/24/2019

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