Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley

Faith, Hope & Kevin Costner

This week Julie Chrisley is back on "Unlocked" in another episode that was shot right before the family faced one of their hardest days yet. Savannah and her mother dig into their most recent family updates, ranging from Chloe modeling for Savannah's newest business venture to the car wreck that sent Grayson to the ER in an ambulance. The conversation covers the idea that broken pieces aren't meant to be put back together the same way, and Julie emphasizes that she has to believe that God has brought her this far to bring her through it. The idea that "hurt people hurt people" resurfaces in the dialogue as the mother-daughter duo try to make sense of all of the uncertainties in their lives right now. Julie lifts the spirit of the conversation with the idea of choosing to "honor those who dishonor you," while Savannah wrestles with the question of why some people show up and others abandon you when tragedy strikes. The conversation is thorough and raw, but not all heavy. Is Kevin Costner anyone else's "old man pass"? Raise your hand.

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