Divorce Sucks with Laura Wasser

The truth is, love does not conquer all, which is why you may be ready to say f*** it and get a divorce. Laura is joined today by two divorcees?top New York City Realtor Katherine Gauthier and entrepreneur Steve Kane, the author of the book "F*** it. Get a Divorce." Both guests open up about their own recent divorce stories, revealing what it is that finally propelled them to make this profound change. You'll also hear tips to help make the next chapter way better than the last. On the Sunny Side Up Report, Laura and Johnnie are joined by Beverly Hills High School royalty, Homecoming Queen Leslie Paul. The three former schoolmates go through the divorce stories of the day including who is faking their marriage these days, the rock and roller who sobbed over their son's divorce, the latest "B-ossip" and some surprising ways to save your marriage.

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