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Exclusive: Hannah Bronfman's Secrets To Wellness, Revealed

Pizza and beer may make you feel good in the moment - but after an hour there's a good chance you won't be feeling so good anymore. Many of us do this: We eat what "feels good" in the moment without thinking about how we're going to feel later. So many foods don't really satisfy you. Instead they leave you feeling tired and hungrier than before you sat down to eat!Entrepreneur and author Hannah Bronfman says it's time to make a change. In her new book, Do What Feels Good: Recipes, Remedies, and Routines to Treat Your Body Right, Bronfman explains how people can live a lifestyle based on listening to their bodies and eating the foods that make them feel happiest and healthiest - without overindulging.I've been telling my patients for years about the importance of listening to their bodies and connecting what they eat to how they feel. And on today's show, Bronfman and I will discuss the surprising connection between your diet and breakouts you might be getting!Bronfman will also discuss what it means to "do what feels good," discuss her personal struggles with body image and an unhealthy relationship to food, and offer some practical tips about how to start listening to your own body, eat what makes YOU feel good, and have fun. But be warned: Bronfman's positive attitude and approach to eating and wellness are contagious - you may even want to start doing what feels good as soon as you've finished listening!

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