Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Erin Treloar: Diets don't work

Erin Treloar of Raw Beauty Talks joins Kaitlyn to discuss the intense food and weight battles that many people are facing due to the isolation and stress from the global pandemic, as well as the looming post-pandemic anxiety many are starting to feel about getting "back to normal" in society. Years after overcoming her own struggles with diets which resulted in developing an eating disorder that had her hospitalized, Erin is a wife, mama, health coach and founder of a platform that promotes the sharing of real, raw images of women of all ages, shapes and sizes and advocates for no photoshop in magazines. Kaitlyn and Erin talk about intuitive eating, how diets don't work, how your period still sneaks up on you every.single.month even though you've had it for years (whyyy?!) and how nourishment, movement and mindset are ways to develop a healthy relationship with food. Kaitlyn asks for tools of support to share with listeners and signs herself up to start the 12-week NO DIET Raw Beauty Reset with Erin... a food & body wellness program she hopes all of her Vinos will do along with her!

You can find Erin on IG at @rawbeautytalks  


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