Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Erin & Sara Foster: Still Barely Famous

Erin and Sara Foster join Kailtyn to give their hilarious non-stop sister banter on a whole range of topics for a feel good episode. From reminiscing on their reality parody show "Barely Famous" and the days of being the "crazy" girl, to their passion for being involved in and investing in female run businesses and reinforcing that you can try new things as well as reach new goals at any stage in life. Erin & Sara share some important life lessons they've learned among all the comedy of constantly making fun of each other, they reveal some hilarious confessions, talk about their new clothing line Favorite Daughter, and reveal their newest venture..."The World's First Podcast with Erin & Sara Foster"... because of course, they are reinventing the wheel with this idea ;)

You can find Erin & Sara Foster on IG at @erinfoster @sarafoster and @favorite.daughter - give them a follow because it's all about women supporting women!

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