Adam Carolla Show

Eric D'Alesandro on Martinis & Safety + Dusty Slay on Pallet Jacks & Dog DNA

Eric D'Alesandro and Adam chat about martinis and beer before Adam presents a thought experiment relating to a recent issue he had with TSA. The guys also talk about Eric's standup career and transitioning from a YouTube star. Chris reports news stories about the mom of a school shooter charged with involuntary manslaughter, an Oklahoma sportscaster awarded $25m over defamation, Shane Gillis hosting SNL, and Chrissy Teigen using her platform to sell her daughter's Girl Scout cookies. Next, Dusty Slay joins the show and chats with guys about working with pesticides and navigating hardware stores. The guys also talk about parenting and Dusty giving up booze. Lastly, Chris reports more news stories on an Italian province cracking down on dog poop through DNA tracing, Toby Keith passing away, Dead & Company being booked at the Vegas Sphere, and Tucker Carlson planning to interview Vladimir Putin. For more with Eric D'Alesandro: * Watch his special, I Don't Understand, on YouTube! * * Follow on Instagram @ericdallesandro For more with Dusty Slay: * Watch his special, Workin' Man, on Netflix! * Follow him on Instagram @DustySlay * Thank you for supporting our sponsors: * * http:// *

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