Full Rigor: Florida True Crimes

Episode 8 "Turning the Tables on a Serial Killer, Rapist" plus Bonus "Whodunit"

A Tampa teen is snatched off her bike by a serial killer, rapist and lives through 26 hours of hell to eventually put him on death row. By letting his victim live, he saved her own life in more ways than one. And, a whodunit...who burned down the Breakers Hotel on Palm Beach in 1925?

Full Rigor: Florida True Crimes
00:37:00 6/17/2019

Past Episodes

Karen and Jen explore the hellish case of 10-year-old South Florida twins who were terrorized in foster care. They tied up, confined to a bathtub, beaten, and starved . The case cast a harsh spotlight on the Department of Children and Families, which approved their adoption. Eventually one twin was allegedly beaten and murdered by her adoptive father. The state is seeking the death penalty.
00:36:00 8/19/2019
On this episode Karen and Jen are talking about a 35 year old cold case that might have just been cracked. The the Palm Beach County sheriff's office is digging for the remains of an 8-year old girl in Greenacres, Florida near where she disappeared in1984. Little Christy Luna was last seen buying cat food at a grocery store 400 feet from her house. Unfortunately there were a number of child predators who lived in her midst.
00:35:00 8/12/2019
A Miami high school couple on a date is abducted by five men at gunpoint from South Beach. After a terrorizing ride up I-95, the beautiful girl, "Angel," is gang raped and murdered. Her boyfriend is left for dead. Now the killer, a self-professed "Devil," faces the death penalty.
00:30:00 8/5/2019
In this episode Karen and Lexi look into the strange disappearance of a 5-month old Tampa infant from her crib in the middle of the night. Baby Sabrina has never been found and would be 21 today if she is still alive. Also, a special little Florida road rage extra.
00:28:00 7/29/2019
On this episode Karen and cub reporter Lexi Behr talk about the Wellington Killer Clown cold case that just broke open with an arrest. The wife of a widower is charged with shooting his then wife in the face 27 years ago while dressed as a clown.
00:35:00 7/22/2019
In this episode, Karen and Jen relive the terrifying last moments of a 14-year-old babysitter in Delray Beach who was stabbed and raped by an intruder while the children slept in the other room. And they try to figure out why the perpetrator is still alive, sitting on death row after thirty years.
00:37:00 7/15/2019
Julie Weil is a south Florida rape survivor. She was carjacked with her two toddlers in her minivan while picking them up from a church daycare and raped in the Everglades. She was able to put her rapist behind bars and help other victims get their rape kits tested in a timely manner.
00:34:00 7/8/2019
Boca Raton Police and the FBI are still trying to find the killer who murdered a mother and daughter at the Boca Town Center Mall at Christmas in 2007. Another mother and her young son were also carjacked months earlier, but she survived the ordeal and was able to describe the suspect to police. A decade later, the cases remain unsolved.
35:00:00 7/1/2019
In this episode, Karen and Jen talk about the death penalty specifically in Florida. The state sanctioned murder has evolved in the sunshine state from "Old Sparky" the electric chair to lethal injection and perhaps an even more pleasant way to go. The episode also explores the pros and cons of the death penalty.
00:38:00 6/24/2019
The true crime story of the execution-style murder of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace on the front steps of his South Beach mansion in broad daylight.
00:38:00 6/10/2019

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