Sound of the Loons

Steve McPherson and Callum Williams deliver another enthralling episode of the Sound of the Loons podcast.

Sound of the Loons
00:00:00 7/31/2019

Past Episodes

Callum Williams is joined on the road by Steve McPherson to bring you a special Kansas City recording of the Sound of the Loons podcast as Minnesota United kicks off against their fierce rival.
00:00:00 8/21/2019
It's the Fantasy XV! Fifteen minutes (plus stoppage) on Major League Soccer fantasy league hosted by Steve McPherson and Jamie Watson.
00:00:00 8/18/2019
A special episode of the Sound of the Loons Podcast, with Steve McPherson and Callum Williams answering fan questions as the team prepares for a game against Orlando City SC.
00:00:00 8/15/2019
Callum Williams, Kyndra de St. Aubin and Jamie Watson preview this weekend's matchup as the Loons kick off against Orlando City SC after a 1-0 win midweek over the visiting Colorado Rapids.
00:00:00 8/14/2019
Steve McPherson is back with Jamie Watson tagging along to deliver all you need to know about MLS Fantasy Soccer Week 24 matchups within a 15 minute window in the latest edition of the Fantasy XV.
00:00:00 8/11/2019
Off the back of the HUGE Minnesota United win on Wednesday, Steve McPherson and Callum Williams record their second Sound of the Loons podcast of the week to discuss what went into that win and take a look ahead at the MLS matches coming up.
00:00:00 8/8/2019
Steve McPherson breaks into the top 50 of the MLS Fantasy Rankings and Jamie Watson continues to play the game. The latest news and tips from our fearless competitors in this episode of the Fantasy XV.
00:00:00 8/4/2019
Steve McPherson and Callum Williams reflect on the weekend that was and take a look at the week that will be in the latest rendition of the Sound of the Loons podcast.
00:00:00 8/4/2019
Jamie Watson, Callum Williams and Kyndra de St. Aubin preview the upcoming week in Major League Soccer and walk through the standings as they are now in this latest rendition of the Broadcast Preview. Loons are on ESPN in this weekend's matchup against the Portland Timbers at Allianz Field.
00:00:00 8/1/2019
Jamie Watson and Steve McPherson reflect on a fantasy week passed and look forward to another gameweek as Steve McPherson moved into the Top 100 and Jamie Watson looks to break into the Top 2,500 of the MLS Fantasy standings.
00:00:00 7/30/2019

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