Our Fake History

Episode #203- What Was the Great East Asian War? (Part III)

In the Imjin year of 1592 the Japanese orchestrated a blitzkreig invasion of Korea. Within just two months they had captured both Seoul and Pyongyang. However, conquering Korea and holding Korea turned out to be two very different propositions. The victories of the Korean navy and the resistance orchestrated by guerilla groups known as "righteous armies" soon weakened the overextended Japanese. When Korea's the Ming Chinese allies finally arrived the war took a very different turn. But who should get the lions share of the credit when it comes to defeating the Japanese? The guerilla armies? The Chinese? Naval hero Admiral Yi Sunsin? Tune-in and find out how the Korean Zorro, the biggest helmet in the war, and a box full of hornets all play a role in the story.

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