Our Fake History

Episode #170- Who Knows Houdini? (Part III)

Houdini had a truly impressive run as an entertainer. In the decade between 1904 and 1913 he developed a number of escapes and illusions that are still considered the gold-standard for stage magicians. Houdini's "Milk Can" and "Chinese Water Torture" escapes are still inspiring magicians to this day. Houdini's stock and trade was deception and yet by the early 1920's he became tireless campaigner against people he considered frauds. He became convinced that "spiritualist mediums" were using magicians tricks to con grieving families into believing that they could communicate with the dead. He believed that his quest to expose the spiritualists would become his greatest legacy. Sadly, Houdini's life was cut short after a strange incident in Montreal. Is there more to the story of Houdini's death? Tune-in and find out how Orson Wells, Sherlock Holms, and ectoplasmic goo all play a role in the story.

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