Our Fake History

Episode #127- Who Was the Blood Countess? (Part II)

In 1611 a the Hungarian Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, was confined to her castle of Cachtice, never to leave again. This sentence was imposed on her by the Lord Palatine of Hungary. But strangely, even though Bathory had been accused of some truly heinous crimes, she was never formally charged, or given a proper trial. If she was so clearly guilty, then why was she denied due process? Elizabeth's case becomes even more suspicious once you consider that most of the testimony used to incriminate her was either procured through torture, or was riddled with hearsay and inconsistencies. Is it possible that she was actually the victim of a conspiracy? Tune-in and find out how old crones, a fake diary, and the Guinness Book of World Records all play a role in the story.

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