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Episode 12 - Inside the world of counterintelligence with Peter Strzok | The Head & The Heart

When he opened the FBI investigation into Russia's election interference, Peter Strzok had already spent more than two decades defending the United States against foreign threats. His career in counterintelligence ended shortly thereafter, when the Trump administration used his privately expressed political opinions to force him out of the Bureau. Perry and Ed speak with Peter about his book Compromised, where he draws on lessons from a long career - from his role in the Russian illegals case that inspired FX Network's The Americans, to the investigation of Hillary Clinton's e-mail server, and ultimately Crossfire Hurricane, that explored the links between Russian officials and the 2016 campaign of Donald Trump. Peter's final days at the FBI forced him to confront the most impossibly difficult question that should concern every U.S. citizen: when a president appears to favor personal and Russian interests over those of our nation, has he become a national security threat?

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