Blank Canvas with Mike & Mo

Mike Turner (Co-host of This Week Sucks Tonight) and Mo! (Host of The Mo Show on ALT AZ) sit down to chat with some amazing people that have created something from nothing.

Blank Canvas with Mike & Mo
00:58:25 3/31/2019

Past Episodes

It's the last episode for this season's Blank Canvas, we close it off with one of the guys responsible for creating the most sought out threads in Arizona, Mike from State Forty Eight. No matter where you turn, you can see their logo in stores,on your favorite team or being posed by your favorite Arizona Influencer. Mike talks us through growing up in Chandler with his friends/business partners Stephen and Nick to now collaborating with some of their idolized sports figures. Thanks for checking out our latest episode and as always, let us know how we're doing with a review!
00:49:56 7/17/2019
Can you believe we got a TWO time Emmy winner hanging out with us?! Kristen Keogh, 12 News weather anchor, Host of Cardinals Locker Room and Soccer Sunday joined us on the podcast. Her work doesn't stop there, you may have seen her running around Gila River as the Coyotes Arena Host or on Instagram climbing anything resembling a mountain. We get into so much on this episode: living with Interstitial Cystitis to staying motivated and basically living two different lives at times. This is a fun one and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
00:53:15 6/25/2019
The Zumiez employee himself, Trevor Wallace, joins us on this edition of Blank Canvas with Mike and Mo! Trevor's one of the highest trending comedians on Instagram and Youtube for his character parody videos. From every Zumiez employee to every dad on vacation, his characters are spot on. Find out how Trevor got his start, what it takes to stay motivated and how he's sharpened his craft. Thanks for listening!
00:50:55 5/15/2019
On this episode of Blank Canvas Mike and Mo sit down with tattoo artist and Co-Owner of Colossus Tattoo, Chipp Byrd. We get into some fun antics on tattooing, how he got involved and why we need to bring back the tramp stamp. Enjoy this latest episode and keep on creating!
01:20:53 4/24/2019
This week's podcast is a fun one! Mike and Mo sit down with adult film star, professional companion, sex therapist and Dom: Tony Bishop. We get into how Tony got into his career, why you should stop looking at your phones and how to let go of the past to move forward. In more fun news, we're now on Twitter and Instagram! give us a follow @Blank_CanvasAZ Catch the video podcast on youtube: ALTAZ933
00:49:31 4/17/2019
Another episode of Blank Canvas this time with comedian Paul Virzi! Not only is he one of the hardest working comedians in the nation, he's also the host of his long-running podcast The Virzi Effect and was more than awesome enough to join us on this week's podcast. We get into how to how to take compliments in the entertainment industry, how comedy is like building a house and why he wishes this episode of Blank Canvas was on his podcast. Hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. Leave a review and keep creating!
01:12:46 4/10/2019

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